California Franchise Tax Board Negotiations

Are You Ready For California Franchise Tax Board Negotiations – Avoid All The Confusion With The Help of a Top-Notch Attorney!

California Franchise Tax Board Negotiations
California Franchise Tax Board Negotiations

California Franchise Tax Board Negotiations – it’s such a messy business.  But if you’ve accrued a tax debt and you can’t pay, the issue won’t go away by itself.  No, actually you’ll find yourself in a real pickle if you do what you need to do to pay back the state of California the taxes you have due.  In fact, you’ll probably break out into a cold sweat when you realize there’s the potential for levies and liens in your not so bright, debt-filled future. Oh, and that tax refund you’ve been counting on for the entire year – you know, the one that was suppose to fund your car payments for a few months in advance? Yup, that will be seized too if you don’t pull up your boot straps and get busy about negotiating with the Franchise Tax Board pretty darn quick.
When you are thinking about applying for an Offer in  Compromise or an Installment Agreement, you’ll need evidence of your financial position. You’re going to have to prove your case and the Franchise Tax Board is incredibly strict when it comes to their negotiable payment options.  It’s even possible, if you can prove your in a financial crisis, to apply for financial hardship where you can get your tax burden reduced dramatically.  But don’t expect too much success without a lawyer to help you understand the board’s expectations, regulations, guidelines, and strict rules.

Just What’s Involved in Negotiations with the Franchise Tax Board in California?

California Franchise Tax Board Negotiations
California Franchise Tax Board Negotiations

When you’ve got a lot of tax debt and you can’t pay when it’s due, you better start making plans to deal with the situation.  You’ll be facing wage garnishments, refund seizures and a whole lot of hassle if you don’t.  But you don’t want to just walk into the negotiations without knowing your legal rights.  To become empowered with the legal knowledge you need, you’ll have to talk with an attorney –WITHOUT DELAY!  When you have taxes due, there’s only a few options you have before you:

  • Take out a personal loan to pay off your debt.
  • Use your personal resources to pay off your tax debt.
  • Borrow from family or friends to pay your taxes off (which opens a whole new can of worms for you too)
  • Borrow from your 401K, if you have one
  • Apply for an installment agreement
  • Prove there’s an error and you owe nothing
  • Fill out the paperwork to request an Offer in Compromise
  • Establish the debt is “Currently Not Collectible” by proving financial hardship

Let a Lawyer Help You Explore Your Tax Repayment Options Now!

With a single phone call you can get the ball rolling and discover what options await you.  You can learn within minutes if your eligible for an installment plan where you repay your taxes over the course of time or if you can qualify for an Offer in Compromise. If you are eligible, you might be able to pay a reduced amount for your taxes.  But you don’t want to go the application process alone!  Every case is determined on a case by case basis. A lawyer can tell you how all the following factors influence what you can negotiate successfully:

  • Your income and what you can actually pay
  • Assets
  • Current income
  • Future income
  • Current Expenses
  • Future Expenses
  • The possibility of changing circumstances
  • The state’s interests are of the foremost concern and therefore must get maximum benefit from the negations in question

You Face SERIOUS Consequences if You Avoid Negotiations & Payment!

There’s no time like the present to start California Franchise Tax Board negotiations!  A lawyer can help you successfully avoid the pitfalls associated with tax repayment negotiations.  With the right legal help you can find out how to avoid tax liens, levies, wage garnishments, bank levies, and monstrous interest rates!  There’s just no opportunity to avoid paying taxes and the penalties for not paying are worse than the tax amount you have to pay.

Get legal help immediately so you can AVOID THE POTENTIAL REJECTION of your negotiations application.  Approaching the Franchise Tax Board Negotiations process armed with an attorney is one of the smartest decisions you’ll make.


Anticipate being overwhelmed by paperwork, stressed out, and nervous about the outcome of the negotiation process. And if the process fails, you may not even know what your next step is going to be. Going into negotiations without any kind of guidance is just asking for trouble.

Legal guidance, at the very least, gives you a fighting chance when dealing with California Franchise Tax Board negotiations.