California Franchise Tax Board Levies

California Franchise Tax Board Levies – Sometimes There IS A WAY OUT!  Time for Qualified Legal Advice Right Now!

California Franchise Tax Board Levies
California Franchise Tax Board Levies

If you’ve been delinquent, even neglectful about paying your franchise taxes, you’re bound to face an issue with California Franchise Tax Board Levies.   Unfortunately, your franchise taxes are just not something you can ignore, and continually forgetting  to pay your quarterly franchise taxes can end up landing you in a lot of hot water.  If you ever got the opportunity to talk to others who have dealt with franchise tax board levies in the past, you’d soon find out that it’s a terribly frustrating issue, one that can take a considerable amount of time, and your money to straighten out.  And…if you haven’t paid your taxes, for whatever the reason, you’re about to find out just how aggressive the Franchise Tax Board in the state of California can be.

You Failed to Pay and Now You Have NO CHOICE but to Pay!

If you’ve ever had to deal with delinquent taxes and the Internal Revenue Service, then you will be a bit familiar with the way the Franchise Tax Board deals with unpaid franchise taxes.  The board is strict and adheres to exceptionally rigid guidelines in relation to late tax payments.  What’s more, the Franchise board handles all individual and corporate tax delinquencies, so if you’re behind on your tax payment, you can pretty much rest assured in knowing you’ll be dealing with the Franchise Tax Board at some point.  And probably a heck of a lot sooner than you like.  You didn’t pay, whether you forgot or you just didn’t have the funds (or maybe you thought it would be a powerful way to protest your tax burden), and now the board will use all means necessary to get the money you owe to the state of California.  That includes those nasty tax levies!

Levies Imposed! Now You’re Faced with a HUGE Financial Mess! 

If you think dealing with California Franchise Tax Board Levies will be something you can pull off with any amount of ease, think again.  In fact, you don’t even want to try to deal with the board without great legal representation.  You’ve got a lot of legal paperwork and hoops you’ll be jumping through, and without an attorney who can guide you, the road to getting levies removed is a long, arduous, and near impossible one!  You’ll have plenty of paperwork to gather as you seek out a resolution for levy removal, including:

  • Records of property tax
  • Department of Motor Vehicle records
  • Capital Gains and Losses
  • 1031 exchanges

Why a Lawyer is Necessary When Dealing with Levies

When dealing with levies imposed by the Franchise Tax Board, you’ll be faced with a literal financial mess.  You’re going to have to work out some kind of arrangements with the board too, which is not too often friendly to deal with in the first place.  With a lawyer to assist you, you can successfully deal with all of the following:

  • Meet deadlines established by aggressive and uncaring collection reps.
  • Gather and prepare all the information you’ll need for financial statements.
  • Help you address any and all necessary legal disclosures.
  • Help you sort out all the highly sensitive information pertaining to your finances.
  • Help you overcome the obstacles you’ll face from the slower than usual resolution you’ll get from the Franchise Tax Board.
  • A lawyer can point out where the highest chances of taxpayer error occurs and how to make sure it doesn’t come back to bite you.

According to the Revenue and Taxations Codes of the state of California, and code sections 18670 and 18817, when you owe taxes the Franchise Tax Board has every legal right to pursue you for the money you owe.  The levies the department issues are for the total amount you owe, regardless of your financial circumstances.  Even worse, you’ll be stuck paying interest, any applicable fees, and the late tax penalties the board imposes.  Even if you have non-tax debts, the board can put a levy on it.


Even when the Franchise Tax Board imposes a levy, in some cases, it is entirely possible to get the levy reduced.  But don’t count on doing it without some legal help!  What’s more, if you are dealing with a levy placed on your bank account or wages and you feel it’s a mistake, you have some options open to you.  While you can certainly call the tax board to discuss it, you will have far more success with a legal representative at your side as you attempt to get your money refunded by the board.

There are just too many exceptions to the rule when dealing with the Franchise Tax Board. Don’t struggle with an aggressive tax collector! Hire a lawyer to help you get the solution you seek when it comes to California Franchise Tax Board Levies.