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Tax Attorney Near Me: What to do for Tax Related Issues?

Even though the tax era has ended for almost all of the taxpayers, there might be many around the country who are still dealing with the tax-related matters.

This might include the things like amending the return of the tax, requesting an extension of the period or even giving the additional information to IRS. For any of this, you can find a tax attorney near me to help you with the processes.

Nevertheless, these kinds of taxes that come after the actual period bring a lot of problems as well. And most of the times these issues are difficult to solve. So, if you are stuck in something like this or have any questions regarding this, it would be better to consult a qualified Tax Attorney in California or any local tax attorney. This is so that they can easily address your concerns in the best way possible.

Tax Lawyer Near Me & Late Filling

Most of the times even after the best efforts have been put together, the taxpayers are not able to apply and fill in the returns of their taxes on time as said by a tax attorney near me. Luckily, there isn’t any fee for filing a late tax return. But this is only there if the taxpayer has paid the taxes before the April 18th. And if the person has not paid the taxes, then it would be a bigger problem than the normal one.

The troubles that the person would encounter would be a lot of penalties and interests that would just get larger and larger. Hence, it is very important for those taxpayers who have got late to contact a tax attorney in Los Angeles or look for a tax attorney near me to get professional help with the situation. They would assist the taxpayer to avoid getting into the worst of the fines.

Moreover, having a Local tax attorney near you would also help you to avoid the trouble of forgetting to pay in the future as well as taking care of all your tax issues. With this, you would also find out that you would be paying a lot less compared to what you were actually paying before. It is more a means to save the hard earned money by paying just a bit to the tax attorney near me.

Tax Attorney in California helping to respond to an IRS Letter

Did you know about the IRS letter? Have you ever had a letter from the IRS about the issues that concerns them regarding your taxes? Well, if they have some issues says the tax attorney near me, they would send the taxpayer an official letter with all the concerns mentioned there. The issues can be related to the following things, as per the tax attorney near me:

  • Some error on the tax return;
  • If you have some overdue balance;
  • Alterations done to the taxpayer’s tax return;
  • Request for extra information;
  • Confirmation of the taxpayer’s identity;
  • Notification for the tax return processing, if there is a delay;
  • And, Questions concerning the refund amount.

A few of these problems are very straightforward and can be fixed easily as per the tax attorney near me. While the others may need a lot of different responses one after another in a series and you might even need to send in some accurate information as well. Let us take an instance that was explained by the tax attorney near me where if you fail to reply to the notice for the extra information on the specific date, you might have to face extra charges for the penalties and interests. This can also lead you to lose the right to appeal in front of them.

Making a Payment with the help of the tax lawyer near me

When a taxpayer has a lot of taxes that they owe and is unsure about the total amount to pay, they can view the balance and give the amount online to the IRS directly. For those who are not able to pay at that moment, they can apply online by filling out the online payment agreement form. It would include the following information:

  • Asking for a temporary extension;
  • Appealing for a proposal in compromise; or
  • Giving monthly instalments.

Before you are bale to access an online tax account shares the tax attorney near me, you would need to verify her or his identity via the Secure Access process.

Correcting a Tax Return with the local tax attorney

It is a known fact that the tax season is a very stress filled time. And it is a very common thing for the taxpayers to make minor errors while filing their tax return and that is why they should search for a tax attorney near me to avoid these things. But if still you did not consult a lawyer and made some minor error, do not worry as the IRS usually corrects them. But if the error is huge, the person would have to file an improved tax return if they want to alter their status of filing, recalculate the deductions, or even correct the total income.

Moreover, if they are filling this says the tax attorney near me, they would also need to give in all the extra information and the missing documents as the IRS requests for it. That is when their application would be accepted into consideration. Otherwise, it would become atrocious for them in the end, and they might have to pay a lot of penalties.

So, for this, you need an experienced lawyer, and instead of search on Google for a tax attorney near me, you can contact the Tax Law Los Angeles to get the best professionals in the industry to help you out. Schedule an appointment by visiting us at today!


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